Brand & Packaging design

The complexity of a brand’s visual identity goes beyond the ordinary. Brands today exist in highly competitive markets and are being met by an expectation to be present on numerous media, channels and surfaces. Hence the need for a holistic visual identity that stands out in even in markets with a high level of exposure and clutter. This is true whether you sell a product or a service.

Packaging Design

Packaging is an important aspect of brand identity, and a significant part of both marketing and how the brand and product is perceived by the consumer. As we often say: Package design is product identity on the shelf.
We have extensive experience with packaging design for clients such as Nestlé, Arla, Coop, Toms and Velux, right from the idea phase, the design process, the print shop and on to the shelf itself.

Products are often placed on the shelf with no further marketing support. So they need to tell their story and sell themselves through their packaging. Shelf impact becomes paramount for sales success.

Clients often come to us in the need for:

  • Brand identity
  • Brand logos
  • Brand naming
  • Brand portfolio
  • Differentiation in a competitive market
  • Entering new markets
  • Packaging design
  • POS material
  • Merchandise and secondary products
  • Brand books
  • Books, folders and leaflets
  • Marketing and communication material
  • Brand movies
  • Exhibitions
  • Co-branding material
  • Websites and microsites
  • App design

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