Brand strategy

Every brand has its inner strength and characteristics. We believe that identity is the only lasting competitive advantage that cannot be copied or bought. Therefore, brands need to stay true to their identity to ensure differentiation while activating their identity to changing consumer trends, markets and competitive environments. We support our clients in capturing and creating strong brand identities and activating this as a strategic driver of growth.

Acquiring brands
In consolidating markets, acquiring brands raise questions about brand architecture and brand portfolio. Taking the respective brand identities as a point of departure can provide new insights into restructuring a company’s brand portfolio and repositioning key brands.

Building a brand
Starting and building a completely new brand is an exciting journey. Defining the right brand name is one of the most crucial parts as this is the asset where you will build all your brand equity. We express your unique brand identity in one word. 

Activating your brand 
One of our core competencies is the translation of a brand’s unique DNA into design. We express the brand’s identity via packaging design, web design and in developing communication and marketing material that generates results.

Clients often come to us in the need for:

  • Capturing and creating strong brand identities
  • Brand strategy
  • Brand positioning
  • USP’s & ESP’s
  • Value propositions
  • Brand naming
  • Brand portfolio
  • Brand architecture
  • Brand activation
  • New product development (NPD)

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