Put your identity into play and achieve sustainable competitive advantages

Identity innovates business

Developing and implementing an effective strategy starts with defining your point of departure. Defining who you truly are as a company, what you do and how you deliver value for your customers, how you do it, and what sets you apart from your competitors. By helping our clients answer these questions, the foundation for strategic positioning and differentiation is established, allowing them to set a strategic direction and plan for marketing, communication, talent attraction etc.

We continuously work on refining our tools and process models in order for us to help our clients capitalise on their identity, strengthen their market position and set new strategic directions. Ultimately, creating the basis for an aligned culture, driven by shared values.

Our clients often come to us in the need for new insights & transformation

  • Capturing and defining the Why – the greater purpose of the organisation
  • Understanding how to position and differentiate the brand in a highly competitive market
  • Understanding the uniqueness of the company and products, before pursuing new markets
  • Portfolio management, brand strategy & brand architecture
  • Building or revitalizing brands in a credible way
  • Creating a paradigm shift, changing the internal mindset and external perception
  • Aligning organisational identities after a merger or acquisition
  • Talent attraction & retention – Employer branding & EVP
  • Building a strong culture
  • Developing true ESG initiatives 
  • Translating purpose, identity and positioning into a visual identity.


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