Identity innovates business

Developing and implementing an effective strategy starts with identity. Defining who you truly are as a company. Why you are here, How you innovate in your market and differentiate from the competition and What you sell.

By helping our clients answer these questions, the foundation for a new strategy is established. This serves as a compass for growth and business development, positioning, Go-to-market, talent attraction & retention and more.

Building the Foundation for Transformation

In today’s competitive landscape, businesses strive to unlock their full potential through transformative initiatives. These endeavours aim to streamline operations, enhance customer satisfaction, boost revenue, and identify a new growth engine. However, navigating this process can be challenging, often accompanied by uncertainty and a pressing need to prioritize employee retention.

Our identity-driven approach facilitates organisational unification across borders, business units, and management teams, even during rapid growth. By establishing a common point of departure, we bring new perspectives to the table, enabling you to seize untapped business opportunities. We understand that employee retention is critical to maintaining momentum throughout your transformation journey. Our process prioritizes engagement, ensuring a robust foundation for transformational change.

Maximising M&A Success: Unleashing the Power of Identity & Culture

Research shows that 60 – 90 % of mergers and acquisitions fail and destroy rather than create or maintain shareholder value. The consequences are far-reaching, encompassing devaluation, talent loss, divestment of acquired entities, and the failure to achieve anticipated synergies. What is often overlooked is the critical role that the organisational identities play in post-merger integration success and the long-term performance of the newly formed entity.

Identity and culture are frequently underestimated factors within M&A scenarios, yet they hold immense influence over the realisation of planned synergies. We understand the significance of navigating identity differences and similarities to smoothen the integration process. Our process ensures that 1+1 truly equals a united and purposeful new entity poised to thrive together in the future.

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