Identity innovates M&A

Identity and culture are frequently underestimated factors within M&A scenarios, yet they hold immense influence over the realisation of planned synergies. We understand the significance of navigating identity differences and similarities to smoothen the integration process. Our process ensures that 1+1 truly equals a united and purposeful new entity poised to thrive together in the future.

The challenge: 

The complete and fast integration of a target company is, in many deals, essential for realising planned synergies, delivering on expected value creation relative to the purchase price. But often, DNA and culture, the elements that motivate humans, create identification, and a sense of belonging for employees, are neglected:

  • “75% of acquires still struggle with cultural integration issues that require serious interventions. Bains M&A Report, 2023
  • 100% of companies who significantly lost value relative to purchase price state that cultural issues hampered the value realisation. PwCs Creating Value Beyond the Deal, 2018, a survey of 600 corporate senior executives.

The solution:

We apply culture and corporate identity as a tool to identify and manage the common fault lines in integrating a target company. Our approach is science-based, validated by our expertise in organisational identity and how it correlates with business performance.

Our offerings within the M&A space:

  • DNA Due diligence
  • Post-acquisition gap analysis on identity and culture
  • Shaping the shared identity, culture and brand of the combined entity related to business goals
  • Support in implementing the identity and culture initiatives
  • Strengthening portfolio companies
  • Transforming and innovating businesses 
  • Identifying new business opportunities

We serve Nordic Private Equity Funds and Corporate M&A functions that want to increase their acquisitions’ value by understanding the role of identity and culture in successful PMI and post-acquisition business performance. 

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