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Nearly 4 in 5 employers globally report difficulty finding the talent they need in 2023, making the global talent shortage reach a 17-year high. In addition, with the global trend where employees seek personal value and purpose at work, we are experiencing a surge in the need for EVPs and an increased focus on retention and recruitment.

We believe a company’s identity is the foundation for creating value and continuous growth. With an increasingly competitive talent landscape, it is thus imperative to discover the purpose of the business to make a difference. Our identity-driven processes are designed to start with understanding the company’s identity and culture for two reasons: 

  1. You need to strengthen the bond with existing employees.
  2.  Your employer brand should build on unique assets that will differentiate you. 

Retention & internal employer brand

Many are occupied with the “War for talent”. However, retention is often a more significant issue. Fixing current exit reasons is necessary but doesn’t qualify as branding. Building an internal Employer Brand means identifying the unique elements a company offers. Factors that create an emotional bond, motivate employees to stay and make them value their current employer. Companies can increase employee satisfaction and loyalty by actively using these elements in internal communications and actions. 

Recruitment & Employee value proposition (EVP)

Looking at the current career pages from various company websites, it becomes clear that talents can read the same messages everywhere: Flexible working hours, work-life balance, development possibilities, inclusivity, diversity, positive culture, etc. These are the keywords of today. However, the questions are: What else do you offer? What are you offering that your competitors don’t? A strong Employer Brand is built on unique assets which will differentiate you as the employer.

Starting inside-out

When tasked with coordinating an Employer Branding project, we start with an inside-out approach. This can contain elements such as:

  • Deep dive with the Leadership Team into strategy and strategic key assets. 
  • Interviews with managers and HR managers. 
  • Intense research on motives, needs, reasons to stay and reasons to join from current employees.
  • Identifying key DNA elements and key assets for recruiting and retaining talents. 

During the last decade, we have helped many companies build strong employer brands and meaningful EVPs, talent attraction, and retention. Among others, we can highlight NKT, Hamlet Protein, and Nævnenes Hus, whom we have all helped cultivate a strong identity and employer brand.  

“Back then, it was imperative for us to get a common point of departure for new and existing employees across our different professions. For us, it became a complete change in perspective – going from dealing with complaints to ensuring equal rights for all Danes. That strategic change has not only created pride in the workplace but also made it possible for us to attract top talent within our field”.

Christian Lützen, (now former) CEO at Nævnenes Hus

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