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Discovering the Purpose of FDM


Through our identity-driven approach, we are discovering the Purpose and paving the way to the future FDM.

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  • Vote for your favourite new Faxe Kondi flavour

    Vote for your favourite new Faxe Kondi flavour

    Faxe Kondi is an iconic Danish brand, and it is Denmark’s most popular lemon/lime flavoured soft drink. Now, the Faxe Kondi brand wants to launch a new flavour, and you get a say. These days you can find 3 limited editions in the shops: Faxe Kondi with peach, red berries or liquorice flavour. Until July,…

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  • We are looking for a Strategy & Research Intern

    We are looking for a Strategy & Research Intern

    We believe that identity is the only truly sustainable competitive advantage. Everything else can be copied or bought. IDna Group is a strategy and design consultancy driven by the desire to help companies, organisations, and brands capture and activate the power of this often under-estimated business asset – the identity.  Identity is the starting point…

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  • Identity – the forgotten factor to increase M&A success for B2B companies

    Identity – the forgotten factor to increase M&A success for B2B companies

    Merger & acquisition (M&A) activity peaked in 2021. Despite the popularity, between 60-90 % of global M&As fail. Managing organisational identity and brand-architecture strategy often gets neglected in M&A processes while this, in fact, plays a crucial role in the long-term profitability of the new entity. 2021 was yet another year of high M&A activity…

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  • Happy Holidays from IDna Group

    Happy Holidays from IDna Group

    Once again, we are entering the Holiday season with Covid-19 in our minds and perhaps in our family. What seemed like a temporary way of working and living is now everyday life for many of us. However, 2021 has, in many ways, been a remarkable year. Here at the IDna office, we have found a…

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  • Mary & the Crown Princesses

    Mary & the Crown Princesses

    The word is out – We are graphic design partners on the new exhibition at Koldinghus, “Mary and the Crown Princesses”, which opens on February 1st, 2022. This special exhibition marks HRH Crown Princess Mary’s 50th birthday, and the exhibition paints a portrait of the Danish Crown Princess and four of her predecessors in the…

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  • New packaging design for BKI out on the shelves

    New packaging design for BKI out on the shelves

    Many coffee brands on the Danish market communicate craftsmanship and the “barista feeling”; however, BKI wants to position itself to the everyday coffee drinkers. Those who appreciate that special kind of community that occurs between the informal relations in our neighbourhood, the card club etc. – Because it is often in everyday life that we…

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  • “With it all” since 1889

    “With it all” since 1889

    We are equally happy and humbled to welcome Steff Houlberg to the client list. Steff Houlberg is a brand we all know and love from the traditional hotdog stand, from the football stadium and the supermarket, of course.  Since 1889, Steff Houlberg has been making delicious favourites. Ranging from crispy sausages to ready meals inspired…

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  • New work for Byggesocietetet

    New work for Byggesocietetet

    The new visual identity for Byggesocietetet embraces both the traditions and the future that the organization faces while rejuvenating the perception of the industry to attract a younger target group. Furthermore, the new identity helps Byggesocietetet strengthen their presence in Denmark, as they already have a strong presence in the metropolitan area. Here you’ll get…

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