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Discovering the Purpose of FDM


Through our identity-driven approach, we are discovering the Purpose and paving the way to the future FDM.

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  • “With it all” since 1889

    “With it all” since 1889

    We are equally happy and humbled to welcome Steff Houlberg to the client list. Steff Houlberg is a brand we all know and love from the traditional hotdog stand, from the football stadium and the supermarket, of course.  Since 1889, Steff Houlberg has been making delicious favourites. Ranging from crispy sausages to ready meals inspired […]

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  • New work for Byggesocietetet

    New work for Byggesocietetet

    The new visual identity for Byggesocietetet embraces both the traditions and the future that the organization faces while rejuvenating the perception of the industry to attract a younger target group. Furthermore, the new identity helps Byggesocietetet strengthen their presence in Denmark, as they already have a strong presence in the metropolitan area. Here you’ll get […]

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  • Welcome Sara

    Welcome Sara

    Say hi to our new Account Manager Sara Mira Qvist Fog, who joined IDna Group this week. She brings vast experience in project management, production processes, communication development etc., for a long list of global companies and top-tier brands. Before joining our team, Sara has since 2015 worked as a senior project manager at Agenda […]

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  • Are you our next project management intern?

    Are you our next project management intern?

    We work with identity — both strategically and visually. We help our clients harvest the often underestimated power of their identity through strategy and design. Since 2004, we have been delivering award-winning design solutions to both national and international clients. We are looking for an intern to join our account management team this fall. We […]

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  • Visual identity for IFPA

    Visual identity for IFPA

    IFPA (the International Federation of Psoriasis Associations) is the global leader in fighting psoriatic disease, and they are the only global organization uniting people living with the disease. IFPA’s mission is to unite, strengthen and lead the global community to improve the lives of all people affected by the psoriatic disease. Together with IFPA, we […]

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  • Does your company have what it takes?

    Does your company have what it takes?

    Following Amazon’s announced arrival in the Scandinavian market – with promises of free delivery in just one hour – Danish media were full of doomsday prophecies. In the wake of this story, many ideas about how businesses can survive emerged. We had the pleasure of speaking at one of Børsen’s yearly Retail Conferences. The talks were about […]

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  • The strongest marker of change

    The strongest marker of change

    We usually say that a change in design is the strongest marker of change. Because how can anybody understand that things have changed if everything looks the same? Since 2004, we have created new visual identities for numerous international brands, organisations and companies. And for quite a few, a new logo or a completely new […]

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  • Are you our new Account Manager

    Are you our new Account Manager

    IDna Group is looking for an experienced account manager to help us create strong identities for our Danish and international clients. Your role will be to build and nurture good relationships, maintain the trust of all stakeholders while ensuring an organized workflow and driving processes and projects with a wide range of clients, e.g. in […]

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