Our client Coop Denmark is on a journey, towards ‘One Coop’. Here at IDna Group we have been lucky enough to be a part of this journey throughout the years. We have been working closely with top management on both corporate and brand strategic projects, as well as developing visual identities and design solutions at product, private brand and chain level.

One of the things we highly appreciate about our partnership with Coop is their courage. They are willing to conduct real-life tests of new strategic positions while developing their strategy, in order to secure the future growth and profit for the company. As a part of the ‘One Coop’ Strategy, they are currently testing two new positions for the well-known Superbrugsen and Fakta; Coop Mad and Coop Hverdag. And it evokes strong feelings and internal disputes, when one changes such beloved and well-established brands. However, we highly welcome Coop’s courage and willingness to take drastic steps in order to ensure a future that holds both Coop’s purpose and their responsibility towards us as consumers.

As part of a larger task, we have developed the two test identities. In the city of Trekroner, you can experience both concepts, and Coop Hverdag is over the next year being rolled out to even more shops in order to test the new concept and position in the market.

We are excited to follow the tests and to be able to share more news ongoing.