Packaging is identity at shelf

Brand identity and Packaging design for Irmas & Irmas hverdag

In 2018, the Danish high-end supermarket Irma implemented a new strategy, “The Urban Irma”, and as a result, we have updated their visual identity to fully support their new positioning. As a continuation thereof, we have created a new packaging design for Irma’s two own labels, “Irma’s” and “Irma’s hverdag”.
As we say – Packaging design is identity at shelf.

Project details

Irma has two quite successful private label product lines. However, there was a need for an easier distinction between the two lines – between good and better. The Irma customer is a little spoiled, as they are used to high-quality products, deluxe urban supermarkets and lots of art, as Irma has a tradition of working together with local artists. Furthermore, Irma decided to expand the “Irma’s hverdag” product line significantly to attract new segments and meet more consumer needs.

The task was to design two product lines that were easy to distinguish, making it easier for consumers to choose. We solved this by creating two very different expressions – one being very colourful with lots of ”flavour”, interesting images and the Irma circle-girl in front, and the other with a more graphic expression and the renewed checker pattern. Overall, Irma uses a lot of colours, combined in bold compositions leaning towards the artistic form which is a part of their DNA.

+ more– less

The “Irmas” product line is the visual identity manifested in its packaging design. Therefore, the curiosity in the brand is intensified through the use of colours in a modern expression.

We have created a series of new icons helping the consumer navigate the growing market of gluten-free, vegan, lactose-free products, etc. The icons are designed in the same style as the Irma-girl to ensure a unified identity.

The “Irmas hverdag” packaging is kept white with colours at the bottom, always with the well-known, yet updated, Irma checker pattern. In this product line, the photo style is kept more simplistic in nature, yet often graphic in its expression, creating interesting forms and patterns that show the food inside the packaging.