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Brand design & packaging for BrødCooperativet (Coop Denmark)

In response to the fierce competition in the grocery sector in Denmark, Coop has launched a number of initiatives over the last couple of years. Focus has to a large extent been on convenience and high quality, and BrødCooperativet was one of these initiatives making good bread accessible to all. We have redesigned the brand identity to ensure that it is coherent with Coop’s corporate visual identity and at the same time has the necessary flexibility to be easily adaptable to Coop’s various grocery chains reaching from hypermarkets to small local supermarkets.

Project details

Coop Danmark is the leading consumer goods retailer in Denmark, operating the retail chains Kvickly, SuperBrugsen, Dagli’Brugsen, Shopping, MAD and the subsidiaries Fakta and Irma. Due to the vast number of chains, the identity for BrødCooperativet had to be flexible enough to allow the concept to unfold in different sizes, ranging from local rural supermarkets to large hypermarkets, while ensuring a clear link to Coop’s corporate identity.

BrødCooperativet was developed to give everyone access to high quality bread and cakes. – An initiative that goes hand in hand with Coop’s vision “together for better food” (Sammen om bedre mad) and their overall DNA showing responsibility and leadership in order to ensure easy access to better choices for everyone. 

The new concept is currently on the roll-out in supermarkets around Denmark and is already implemented in most Kvickly hypermarkets and most SuperBrugsen supermarkets resulting in BrødCooperativet currently being Denmark’s largest bakery chain.

Packaging design for Coop Brødcooperativet


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