Introducing Identity as a (self) Management Tool.

At IDna Group, we develop sustainable, competitive advantages for companies and organisations, by helping them understand and realise the uniqueness of their identity. We believe in letting your identity – who you are, and why you are here – be the foundation for everything from business strategy, culture and behaviour, to positioning, and brand building. By introducing identity as a management tool, we are changing the way companies think and work, by empowering the organisation with a compass that becomes a frame for decision-making, a parameter of differentiation, and generates measurable results.

Our Belief:

Be True

We help our customers live their true identity and reap the benefits from this.

Our Client Promises:

Discover It.

We will discover your identity, your inherent inner strengths, not invent it.

Live It.

We will advise you on how your organisation can live your identity fully, in every action and decision.

Capitalise It.

We will operationalize your identity in order to maximise impact in your market – at any time.

Discover It.

We will discover your identity, your inherent inner strengths, not invent it.

Live It.

We will advise you on how your organisation can live your identity fully, in every action and decision.

Capitalise It.

We will operationalise your identity in order to maximise impact in your market – at any time.

Our Competences:

Identity driven Strategy and Design within four business areas.

Working with identity as a management tool and the parameter of differentiation, we need two core competences; the ability to understand and develop strategy and the skill to translate the strategy into an authentic visual universe. Thus we work within four business areas:









Clients Often Come to us in Need of Actions and New Insights

This can be everything from:

  • Wanting to capture and define their Why – the greater purpose of the organisation
  • Understanding how to position and differentiate their company or brand in a highly competitive market
  • Understanding the uniqueness of the company and products, pursuing new markets
  • Building or revitalising brands in a credible way
  • Creating a paradigm shift, changing internal mindset and external perception
  • Aligning organisational identities after a company merger or acqusition
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More Clients

The Essence of an Identity in a Symbol

GoMore came to us because they needed a symbol that visualised and captured the GoMore identity and experience. In order to design and visualise such a symbol, we needed to understand and clarify exactly what the GoMore identity is, what the GoMore experience entails, and how it makes them unique. 

Although GoMore had a strong sense of their identity, they had never worked actively with understanding and defining it, and how it made them unique.

We worked closely with GoMore to discover and articulate their Dna and their Why, thus understanding what the identity of GoMore is and, moreover, what the GoMore experience is. Based on this strategic work, the visual symbol was designed, and the GoMore smile was launched.


Revival of a National Treasure

Karolines Køkken (Karoline's Kitchen) is an Arla brand with a remarkable history. The brand originally started out as an actual kitchen in 1962, when the Danish Dairy Board asked two Home Economics teachers to test a number of recipes for a new cookbook. These recipes became the first in the rapidly growing and immensely popular series of cookbooks, loose-leaf recipes, and products.

In the seventies and eighties, the free cookbooks from Karolines Køkken were distributed door to door across Denmark, and were warmly welcomed by the Danish women, who, by then, had entered further education institutions and the labour market but missed out on the traditional cooking skills. Karolines Køkken became synonymous with the Danish food culture.

While the love and memories of Karolines Køkken remained, the brand slowly vanished into a number of Arla endorsed products, until a decision was made to revive Karoline by rediscovering her Dna and, based on this, creating a new, visual identity.


Result Driven Brand Strategy

Coop Nonfood needed help to restructure their brand architecture. When acknowledging that they had too many brands, they needed a new strategy to simplify their brand range, as well as a strategic tool to make working with their brands easier.

“IDna Group advanced us in the strategic process. They made us take the bold – but right – decision, one that we would not have taken without their help.”
Jan Adolfsen, Director, Coop Nonfood.

The new brand strategy is now the foundation of how Coop Nonfood works with all their brands. For the Coop Nonfood private label in particular, the additional development of a new visual identity, has created the basis for a documented growth in sales and profitability in the non-food category.


From Anonymous Holding Company to Full Blown Corporate Brand

Following a number of acquisitions and organisational changes, a new corporate strategy was developed for the Kwintet Group. The strategy meant that the unknown holding company – Kwintet – stepped into the limelight as the corporate umbrella for a number of strong, national, BtB work-wear brands. This enabled Kwintet to provide its customers with easy access to the full scope of Kwintet’s products and skills.

In order to dress Kwintet for the job, a new corporate identity was developed to clearly express the company’s leading position in the market and the new value proposition.

The European Leader in Professional Wear was born.


An Identity with the Magnitude to Travel from a Single Shop to a National Chain and Future Interna- tionalisation

“When we work with identities at IDna Group, we start with the Dna of the company – that’s how we create strong identities. Lagkagehuset has a very strong identity and presence in the Danish market today, and that’s due to the fact that the company is true to its Dna, its history, and its inherent strengths. When a company is true to what it believes in and what it stands for, then we believe that these strengths aren’t limited to a single market.”

Creative Director, Per Madsen, IDna Group

A Multicultural Heritage Turned Into a Clear, Yet Vivid Expression

University College UCC, one of Denmark’s largest institutions of higher education, was established in 2008 by merging a number of smaller educational institutions. UCC had a multicultural visual expression during the first years of its existence due to the mix of organisations; however, UCC slowly moved into a united and powerful University College, and formed its true Dna.

We developed a clear and consistent new visual identity, which underlines a powerful, cohesive, and unified University College. A scalable, vivid expression enables the visual identity to meet a broad target group, and moreover it has boosted the awareness of UCC’s Dna internally.

Differentiation in a Fiercely Competitive Market Place

Did you know that the average, Nordic consumer spends less than 12 seconds in front of the shelf at retail, selecting and picking up a product?

Then consider the increasing number of private labels covering almost all retail categories, the price awareness created by the financial crisis, and the difficulty to reach the consumers with traditional media.

These market conditions challenge all retail companies – even global leaders. They stress the continuous need to differentiate from competitors and strengthen positioning.

Over the last decade, we have worked with Nestlé in the Nordics on several of their product brands, to create a strong position, visibility, and impact at shelf. We have done this by creating brand identities rooted in the Dna of Nestlé, and the inner strengths of each brand.

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Honors & Recognition

Ambition is our Driving Force, Creativity our Dna

IDna Group is an identity solution and advisory service company, originally founded as Scandinavian DesignLab, by designer Per Madsen and business strategist Anne-Mette Højland.

From the beginning, in 2004, we decided to build our company based on what we believe in; the Why that ties us together and is shared by all of our employees – current as well as former.

Creativity is our Dna – our oxygen – it is inherent in all of us. It is what ties us together across fields, competences and personalities. It is our approach to professional competence, solutions and relations.

Ambition is our driving force, and what enables us to create business results for our clients and deliver award winning, creative solutions. Ambition creates our endless thirst for personal, professional and commercial development.

As of the 1st of November 2015 Rumfang is a part of IDna Group;

Anne-Mette Højland / Founder / CEO

Per Madsen / Founder / Creative Director

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Kim Brøste Rasmussen / Client Director

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