Building a future around young animal health and welfare

Strategy work & Visual identity for Hamlet Protein

Hamlet Protein promotes the health, welfare and performance of farm livestock through speciality ingredients for young animal nutrition. The company finds itself in an increasingly competitive market, and following the introduction of a new management team, Hamlet Protein wished for a common starting point. This reinforced the need for defining who they are, what they do and what sets them apart from their competitors.

Project details

In close collaboration with a core cross-functional team from Hamlet Protein, we have uncovered their true identity and framed their purpose to create a core story – all components that will help them ensure a common point of departure in the years to come. Following the identity-driven strategy work, we have created a new visual identity for Hamlet Protein. As we say – New design is the strongest marker of change.

Discovering the purpose of Hamlet Protein

One of our tasks in this project was to help Hamlet Protein to define its purpose. However, as they have many touchpoints, there was a need to decide on what level the purpose should live, as there are different opportunities for the company and brand at each level of implication. For instance, Hamlet Protein has an environmental implication, a farmer implication, and an implication on the animal itself. Many companies would, in these times, choose the environmental angle for their purpose. However, Hamlet Protein was true to the origin of the company and their DNA, and hence they centred their purpose around the animal, as everything they do starts with the young animal. However, this does not mean that Hamlet Protein does not care about the environment and are not sustainable; they are! – it is all connected.

As the nutritional needs of young animals set the standard for everything they do at Hamlet Protein, it was natural for us to keep the animals in focus when developing the key visual concept. Thus, the animal tracks became the core element of the corporate identity, and the tracks are unfolding in various ways throughout the identity.