Supporting a start-up getting on the road

Strategic consultancy and visual identity for DORA Nordic

DORA is an anagram of the word road, and it is the promising start-up that rethinks the allocation of goods in freight vehicles. Logistics is an industry that many tech-driven start-ups from the outside aim to disrupt through digital solutions, telling a narrative of the new way of handling logistics. A narrative that often meets rejection from small and medium-sized logistic companies as they cherish the value of human expertise and relations. 

Project details

DORA is a supportive solution that strengthens the competencies of employees. It solves today’s logistic challenges through technology and by utilizing the strengths of regional networks efficiently. DORA is not a tech-driven start-up from the outside but a logistic-driven tech company coming from the inside, solving the challenges that really matter.

Strategic consultancy to identify the inner identity of a brand or a company is the first step of every project at IDna Group. Because how can you express identity visually if you are not fully aware of it? For DORA, we developed a visual identity inspired by the concept of the straight way forward.- A design that reflects their strong logistic expertise and their belief in connecting logistic competencies in an intelligent way, making them stand out as a strong and grounded player among the tech-driven competition. And, it is a design that supports DORA in gaining speed on their own road as a start-up, accelerating interest and customer acquisition.