The missing link to overcoming lifestyle disorders

Positioning, brand architecture strategy, key messaging, naming, visual identity & web design for The Akkermansia Company™

The Akkermansia Company™ is a unique, scientifically documented product developed to fight the global health crisis; being overweight, risk of diabetes type II and cardiovascular risk factors. We worked with the Akkermansia Company (previously A-Mansia Biotech) to understand the uniqueness of their solutions – from an end-consumer point of view and used this insight to build a strong brand in a crowded marketplace. Through a collaborative process, we defined the future positioning of The Akkermansia Company and thus the driving asset to building equity. We then developed a new company name, core story, key messaging, new visual identity and pack design. 

Project details

Here is why we are proud to have contributed to the launch of the first next-generation pasteurized healthy bacteria: For millions of people worldwide, lifestyle disorders are a fact of life. Unfortunately, many of those people share a common misconception that their disorder results from bad choices and perhaps even character failure. But what if their lifestyle disorders weren’t a result of their bad decisions and lack of willpower? What if there was a missing link in their body that was harming them through no fault of their own?

In 2004, two renowned scientific innovators, Prof. Willem M. de Vos and Prof. Patrice D. Cani discovered that a tiny and clever gut bacterium plays a significant role in our health by helping maintain a healthy gut microbiome. But unfortunately, too little of this bacterium and the gut barrier begin to leak, allowing harmful toxins and fat to enter the body. Luckily, it is, in fact, possible to undo the damage by restoring the natural level of the bacterium, which reverses the leak in the gut barrier and helps to improve health and well-being. Together with health-improving initiatives, this vital element can transform the fight against metabolic disorders and other conditions.

Passionate about their discovery and the potential to transform the management of lifestyle disorders for millions of people around the world, the professors patented the clever bacterium that was named Akkermansia. Today, the Akkermansia Company aims to produce a range of pioneering solutions that help people live healthier, happier lives. They are accelerating scientific research and understanding of the medical application of Akkermansia, and they are starting a global movement that helps liberate people from discomforting thoughts and helps them to improve their health. 

It took 17 years of research and development to get the European Commission’s market authorization to produce and sell the next generation of pasteurized healthy bacteria as a dietary supplement in the European Union. Now, The Akkermansia Company has partnered with the leader in food supplements in Belgium, Metagenics, to launch Akkermansia muciniphila in BeNeLux in September 2022.