Enabling growth with a clear link to nature

Brand identity and packaging design for Rapsona / AAK

Rapsona delivers high-quality food for the professional kitchen. Rapsona found themselves on a journey, expanding and entering new markets while moving up in the market, from low-priced to a mid-range. The task was to create a new brand identity that would ensure a strong brand recognition and an easy distinguishing between ranges, while embracing the brand DNA.

Project details

Rapsona is a range of natural products for the professional kitchen. With products like rapeseed oils, mayonnaises, sauces and mustards, Rapsona targets both the wholesaler, catering and the professional chef in numerous countries. The new brand identity and packaging design should not only support the need for range distinguishing and a strong brand recognition, but it must also follow the principles for the professional kitchen, acknowledging that containers and lids have different colours making it easier to find the right ingredients in a busy kitchen. Furthermore, the brand identity should support the brand personality and the Scandinavian heritage while enabling the brand to expand.

The new brand identity and packaging design is created with a clear link to both nature and the Scandinavian origin while following the industry standards. The new logo has been created as a natural evolution from the previous logo, and it has now gotten a more organic shape which, along with the green colour, refers to the brand’s strong connection to nature. The rapeseed flower is being used as a symbol and a key element throughout the entire identity, and together with the colours it also draws on the strong link between nature and the Rapsona products. The font comes in five weights to give flexibility and to ensure a clear hierarchy in the communication, and the simplicity and sharpness refers to Scandinavia while ensuring good readability. 

Furthermore, a new imagery has been created to embrace the need for both communicating origin, cooking processes, products and ingredients to many different stakeholders and target groups. 

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