An iconic bottle for an iconic brand

Brand strategy and packaging design for Faxe Kondi / Royal Unibrew

Faxe Kondi is an iconic Danish brand and Denmark’s most popular lemon/lime flavoured soft drink. Faxe Kondi has been on the market since 1971 and was originally tapped on beer bottles as they were owned by a brewery. Several years and bottles later, Faxe Kondi did no longer feel that the current bottle reflected the brand’s DNA, heritage and iconic status. The task was therefore to create a new bottle design that embraces the values that make Faxe Kondi so unique. Packaging design is, after all, a promise of what to expect.

Project details & results

Together with industrial designer Jonas Lundin, IDna Group has designed a new iconic bottle for Faxe Kondi. The new bottle design integrates the well-known Faxe Kondi ‘energy swoosh’ in the bottle as a Faxe Kondi signature to underline the brand identity. Together with the shape of the new bottle, this element expresses the playful energy that comes from enjoying a Faxe Kondi – preferably with your friends.

Following the new brand strategy and design, the sales of Faxe Kondi have risen steeply, resulting in that the sales of Faxe Kondi 0 calories alone have grown by 35 % since the launch, compared to growth by 13 % for the light-category in general (data from Nielsen, provided by Royal Unibrew, July 2020).