Down to the Wire


In March 2017 NKT acquired the Swedish company ABB HV Cables. At the same time they changed their name from NKT Holding to NKT – hence the need for a new identity. IDna Group helped with strategy and design and rewrote NKT’s core story and created the new identity on top of that. 

Project details

The concept behind the updated NKT logo relates to the past, the present, and the future in an increasing level of abstraction. The new logo was presented in March 2017.

The past
The origin of the company; the backbone and the platform for growth for more than a century: cables and cabling. This is illustrated by the lines in each of the three letters and the strong, blue colour.
The present
The transition of the business from component to project-driven was accelerated by the acquisition of ABB HV. The logo illustrates the DNA of a NKT project – from the starting point to the final delivery – all unique, organic (non-linear), and to some extent unpredictable.
The future
The complexity of the future markets and technologies that the updated NKT will operate within underlines our readiness to embrace and drive change in order to succeed. This is illustrated by the complexity in the lines, the spaces, and the optical effect, which creates depth in each letter. The Nordic heritage forms the basis for the chosen visual language and design.

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