Expressing DNA in words and visuals

Strategy & corporate design for Lægernes Pension & Bank (The Medical Doctors’ Pension Fund & Bank)

Lægernes Pension & Bank (The Medical Doctors’ Pension Fund & Bank) wanted to implement a paradigm shift, ensuring that in future they would be perceived as an adviser rather than an administrator. The reason for this need of change in perception was among other a development in and liberalization of the pension market. As the entry point is the pension fund, where all Danish doctors become mandatory members, the strategic opportunity lies in the banking business, which operates under completely different market conditions. Consequently, it was decided to evaluate the current strategy in order for the organisation to secure the desired position in the market, and to safeguard their independence, at a time when many smaller players were consumed by the big pension companies.

Project details

We partnered up with Lægernes Pension & Bank in retrieving their inherent values and DNA, while keeping a strong focus on ensuring relevance for the members now and in the future. Together with Lægernes Pension & bank, we formulated their new purpose, core story and textual identity, which would all serve as the foundation for the further development of their positioning ensuring continuous growth and impact for the organization, as well as a new visual identity.

The new visual identity for Lægernes Pension & Bank had to reflect their heritage and essence of their identity,. The visual translation of the identity became a tree – a reference to the tree of life, one might say. And the new logo for Lægernes Pension & Bank derives from this tree.

The stem of a tree must be able to carry its own weight along with the one from the branches and the leaves, and it must endure the environmental impact. The branches and leaves make up the structure of the tree and creates the optimal absorption of energy to the entire tree. And the roots form the tree’s anchoring to the ground and ensures nourishment to fresh leaves on the tree. In our translation, the stem represents The Medical Doctors’ Pension Fund & Bank, the branches and leaves represent all the amazing doctors out there and finally the root is representing the Danish Medical Association. Altogether, symbolizing life, structure, strength, health, dedication and progress.

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