Dissemination through explosions

Exhibition design for Krigsmusset (Danish War Museum) – Part of Nationalmuseet (The Danish National Museum)

Mankind has always been both fascinated and repelled by war. War is ugly, horrible and cruel, but at the same time, it is an exceptional story about human beings, the eternal struggle for power and war is an important focal point in human history. That is why we were extremely happy to be given the opportunity be a part of creating the visual universe for the new exhibition in the beautiful old artillery hall, and hereby be a part of conveying the insights and learnings about war.

Project details

The old artillery hall was completed in 1604 by King Christian IV and has ever since contained cannons. This hall should be the frame for the exhibition, in which eight different stories about war is unfolded. The task was to create a visual expression to ensure that the exhibition is both engaging and present to the visitors. The graphic concept is based on explosions, which is expressed both through graphics and colours (yellow, orange, red palette). The concept is made further present by putting it in context to the dissemination, which focuses on people and individuals’ stories.

Project owner: Torden & Lynild
Photos by Ard Jongsma