Once again, we are entering the Holiday season with Covid-19 in our minds and perhaps in our family. What seemed like a temporary way of working and living is now everyday life for many of us.

However, 2021 has, in many ways, been a remarkable year. Here at the IDna office, we have found a way to balance remote work and to really appreciate the days at the office where we all work together. Because one of our learnings have been that both our strategic and creative development processes are best when we are in the same room together.
This year, we have welcomed exciting new clients, and as always, we have worked closely together with them to accelerate growth by uncovering their true competitive advantages and helping them achieve unique positions in the market.

As 2021 was yet another year of creating strong identities together with our clients, we have compiled a few examples of our recent work below,

Warm wishes to you and yours this holiday season. We hope to see you in 2022.

Rejuvenating a global fighter against psoriatic disease

IFPA is the International Federation for Psoriasis Associations, a global patient organization uniting 63 patient organizations in 53 countries representing over 60 million people living with psoriatic disease around the globe. In 2014, thanks to years of joint efforts by dedicated IFPA members, the WHO Resolution on Psoriasis was adopted, followed in 2016 by the conduction of the Global Report on Psoriasis. These two achievements marked milestones in IFPA’s history. But after achieving such tremendous success, the global organization lacked clear direction for future activities and needed to realign on a new ambition.

In 2020, IFPA defined their new “Unite. Strengthen. Lead”-strategy, and together with IFPA, we conducted a repositioning and rebranding process, activating the inherent identity of the federation for securing their impact against the disease in the next era. 

Ready for the future

The new visual identity for Byggesocietetet embraces both the traditions and the future that the organization faces while rejuvenating the perception of the industry to attract a younger target group. Furthermore, the new identity helps Byggesocietetet strengthen their presence in Denmark, as they already have a strong presence in the metropolitan area. 

Supporting a start-up getting on the road

DORA is an anagram of the word road, and it is the promising start-up that rethinks the allocation of goods in freight vehicles. Logistics is an industry that many tech-driven start-ups from the outside aim to disrupt through digital solutions. However, DORA is not a tech-driven start-up from the outside but a logistic-driven tech company coming from the inside, solving the challenges that really matter. 

We helped DORA with strategic consultancy and developed their new visual identity supporting them in gaining speed on their own road as a start-up, accelerating interest and customer acquisition.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year