Tradin Organic was the pioneer in organic ingredients and is today an Amsterdam-based, global ingredients provider with a strong foothold in the European and the US market. It employs approximately 500 employees worldwide and offers a wide portfolio of organic ingredients sourced across the globe. 

In 2020, Tradin Organic was acquired by Acomo (listed on Euronext Amsterdam), to develop the organic business further. After decades of a growing organic industry, the market faced the impact of heavy inflation and price increases, structural changes, such as the commodification of organic offerings, intensified competition and price pressure, increased global and geopolitical instability, and the (old and new) primary agenda: sustainability. 

To unite the company on a shared purpose and deliver strong business performance, Tradin Organic started its transformation by asking the fundamental questions of every company: Why are we here, where should we go and how do we provide value? After defining its Identity Compass, the newly defined WHY, HOW and WHAT showed the potential of taking a different position in the market with a sharpened understanding of Tradin Organic’s Value Proposition. 

IDna Group has partnered with Tradin Organic and supported management and key employees in the different global offices to clarify the company’s identity, change internal paradigms, and identify new business opportunities enhancing the company’s position as the driving force in organic ingredients.

At the Biofach 2024, Tradin Organic successfully unveiled its new identity and positioned itself as a true partner in making organic everybody’s first choice by rethinking organic and cementing the obvious connection between organic and the sustainability agenda. This commitment is a testament to Tradin Organic’s pioneering origin while showing a clear path for its commercial future. 

Deliveries: Identity project, implementation and internal roll-out, Brand Architecture Strategy, Positioning, Value Proposition and Visual Identity.


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