A warm welcome on the client list to BKI foods, who, since 1960, has delivered quality coffee to Danish consumers. Since then, the company has grown steadily, and today, BKI foods is now one of the largest suppliers of coffee in Denmark. They roast and pack coffee from all over the world at their plant in Højbjerg near Aarhus, and BKI foods is hereby the only Danish-owned coffee producer with production facilities in Denmark.

As many of the coffee brands on the Danish market communicate craftsmanship and the “barista feeling”, BKI wants to position themselves to the everyday coffee drinkers who appreciate that special kind of community that occurs between the informal relations in our neighbourhood, the card club etc. Because it is often in everyday life that we find the greatest unity. Even though we tend to take everyday life for granted, many of us experience the greatest joys in the smallest moments. Whether it’s the first, quiet morning coffee all to ourselves or the last cup from a shared thermos. Regardless of when and how, BKI wants to help strengthen that moment, right where everyday life becomes more than just me or you, but for all of us.

We have been given the task to redesign the packaging for the well-known BKI coffee and help BKI on their journey towards tributing the joint moments for everyday coffee-drinkers.


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