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In 2017, VELUX decided to set up its first independent division under the VELUX brand. Their ambition was to become the leading competitor in the commercial market, with a desire to grow the business line of skylight modules via acquisitions. With the acquisition of JET Group, Wasco and Vitral, among others, VELUX is now among Europe’s leading players in the market, and to strengthen the area further, VELUX has chosen to create a new division – VELUX Commercial.

In 2018, we were tasked with creating the new visual identity – an identity that would ensure connection to the overall VELUX brand, but which, at the same time, made a clear differentiation, as the new division caters to another market segment. The commercial market differentiates itself from the private market in that all projects are tailored to the individual project.

“Our strategy is to grow our business by paving the way for natural light in commercial buildings, and by joining JET we gain volume and enter a new segment. The products and sales process in the commercial market differs markedly from the residential market, and to meet the specific needs of the commercial market, we are now building the new division; VELUX Commercial”, states Henrik Øvlisen, vice president of VELUX Modular Skylights, who will be responsible for the architectural glass element segment of VELUX Commercial.

VELUX has a strong identity and a robust market position that they have built up over more than 75 years. The assignment was to develop an identity that simultaneously builds on the existing brand’s strengths and, at the same time, creates a clear differentiation for the new division.

Anne-Mette Højland, CEO, IDna Group

The new visual identity

We have created the visual identity for the new division based on the existing VELUX identity. The new logo emphasises that it is a division under the VELUX brand, as the well-known VELUX logo is included as the load-bearing element, and the black colour emphasises a focus on the commercial market.

The colour palette ranges from anthracite grey as the primary colour to a series of blue shades that refer to the sky and overhead light. The contrast between light and dark colours reflects the contrast between light and shade that VELUX skylight solutions create. By reusing the VELUX style, a close relationship has been created between the new division and the overall brand.

The new visual identity for VELUX Commercial was first introduced at the BAU fair in January 2019 and launches over most of Europe in the coming months.

See full case here.


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