Last year we redesigned the iconic Faxe Kondi brand. When entering the partnership with Royal Unibrew, they promised us two Faxe Kondi bikes if the sales hit their very ambitious target. And look what we’ve just got. 

Together with industrial designer Jonas Lundin, we designed the new iconic bottle for Faxe Kondi, integrating the well-known Faxe Kondi ‘energy swoosh’ in the bottle as a signature to underline the Faxe Kondi brand identity. Quite early in the process, our partnership evolved, and we got to work with the brand platform as well as the design, resulting in a new position and a great sales success for Faxe Kondi 0 calories. 

Following the new brand strategy and design, the sales of Faxe Kondi have skyrocketed… And the sales of Faxe Kondi 0 calories alone, have since the launch grown by 35 %, compared to a growth by 13 % for the light-category in general (data from Nielsen).