‘Packaging is a promise’ – and this is exactly why we place such great demands on packaging today. For packaging is one of the few forms of branding that the consumers actually bring home. Furthermore, packaging is what ultimately has to sell the product on the shelf – in many cases, completely without the support of marketing and advertising. And because packaging is so close to us as consumers and to our identity, we all have high expectations. Both in terms of specifications, design and novelty, and now also in regards to sustainability.

At this morning meeting we focus on packaging. We look at the trends that are shaping the market here and now, and at the state of sustainable packaging. A topic that is very important in both media and consumer awareness – however, it’s also a topic many do not have in-depth knowledge of. For what is actually possible today? And which efforts make a real difference?

Furthermore, we have invited Royal Unibrew to share their experiences and insights on the effect of a new brand strategy and redesign of the Danish icon; Faxe Kondi. As the effect of rebranding, is one of the trends we are experiencing is shifting – not only budgets but also sales.

Time: Thursday, March 5th, 2020 at 9-10.30 am.
Place: IDna Group, Store Kirkestræde 1, 1st floor, 1073 Copenhagen.

How to join this event?

Because this event is a smaller, closed event, invites are sent out personally. However, if you are not invited yet and you think this event would benefit your work, please send us an email at event@idnagroup.com


Christian Valeur – Senior Brand Manager, Royal Unibrew
Søren Rahbek Østergaard – Senior Specialist, Teknologisk Institut (The Danish technological Institute)
Robert Daniel Nagy – Creative Direktor, IDna Group


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